Barkla Fields – on behalf of Halton Housing

Barkla Fields – on behalf of Halton Housing

BDL Fire Protection Ltd were instructed by Halton Housing to carry out Passive Fire Protection works at a live 50-unit extra care facility over a period of 7 months. Upon original inspection, the building had numerous compartmentation issues which were identified via an FRA type 4.

Working from the building drawings, BDL ensured a compliant solution was put in place which was supported by our FIRAS and BM Trada accreditations. The works included a mix of fire stopping, roof works, fire damper repairs, fire door renewals and remedial works, electrical and mechanical works using putty pads and vent dampers.

This project had a dedicated and experienced site manager who liaised with the facilities management team to lead BDL technicians to deliver a first-class standard service. All technicians were BDL employees including 2 of our apprentices who all live within 10 miles of the site. To ensure the project ran smoothly, BDL ensured all communication with staff, Halton housing and our technicians was seamless to reduce the risk of any misunderstandings and confusion mitigating any incidents.

To reduce further risk to clients, services users and the public, BDL provided their own site office, welfare unit and cutting area for this project. By segregating our workforce, we were able to remove any unnecessary close contact with external individuals. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this was essential to protect our staff and surrounding individuals.

BDL ensured a full COVID-19 risk assessment was implemented prior to work commencing and followed all government guidance to ensure safe working. Additional hygiene measures were adopted such as regular cleaning of the welfare unit and site office throughout the day, hand sanitizer was provided at various locations, social distancing of at least 1m+ was observed and face covering were worn by all employees.

Being a live extra care facility, BDL understood the concerns and risks surrounding COVID-19 to overcome any issues or concerns, our site manager liaised with Barkla Fields staff to ensure that we were aware of any outbreaks or tenants self-isolating enabling us to plan works around particular circumstances. It was important for BDL to maintain a flexible approach due to the ever-changing situation.

This project received positive feedback from both Halton Housing, Barkla Fields staff and customers alike. We had zero complaints, zero accident or incidents and a positive satisfaction report from the management team. The Health and Safety audits also provided a positive response regarding no non-compliant work. Warrington Fire external audit affirmed the works to be delivered to a good standard. Application for payments were provided and supported by our Bolster Record which includes before and after pictures to demonstrate the work achieved.

From our first meeting with Halton Housing to discuss the requirements, BDL have been able to build a positive relationship and have since contributed to the Barkla Fields tenants Christmas raffle and the Widnes foodbank. This project has enabled BDL to secure more schemes for Halton Housing including FRA type 1 actions and commercial premises actions.

Client Feedback

Engie FM

Richie Sealey

BDL Fire Protection have proven to be a pro-active and efficient contractor, procured through projects involving myself.

Services ranging from Reactive and Preventative maintenance, asset verification relating to passive fire protection, all of which continues to be of a high standard from quality assurance to customer focus.

Bolton at Home

John Martindale

BDL conducted initial fire stopping surveys on a dozen of out HMO's that were being used for specialized housing. They subsequently conducted the fire stopping based on this survey.

The end users, the care staff and Bolton at Home were delighted in the timely manner and professionalism in how BDL conducted their works.

I would highly recommend them to any organisation that required fire stopping surveys and or rectification works being conducted.

Novus Property Solutions

Neal Donlan

Carrying out construction works in the Health Care environment is extremely challenging. This means that you have to adapt your working methods/hours etc to suit to reduce the impact upon the primary function of the hospitals.

BDL Fire protection are always happy to do what we need them to, sometimes at extremely short notice to meet the demands of the project. They are extremely professional & reliable and I would certainly recommend the company.