Fire Damper Testing

A fire damper is a device installed in ducts and air transfer opening of a smoke control or air distribution system which is designed to automatically close when it detects heat. It also helps resist the passing of flames, interrupts migratory airflow and maintains the integrity of fire-rated separation. Fire dampers are essential in institutional and commercial facilities and ensuring that they can perform effectively is essential. Compliance guidelines require annual fire damper testing to be carried out. A fire damper test comprises of two parts: visual inspection of the fire damper, and a drop test of the fire damper.

How do Fire Dampers work?

A fire damper works when the heat from the fire causes the typical temperature of a room to rise to about 165°F. The fusible link attached to the damper then melts, causing the damper’s door to close. In rooms where the normal temperature of the room is consistently higher, a higher degree fusible link would be attached to the damper. These fusible links will melt at a temperature about 212°F. There are three types of fire damper designs used to help prevent irreparable damage caused by a fire. A dynamic fire damper, a static fire damper and a fire/smoke damper.

How often should fire damper testing be conducted?

BS 9999:2017 states: ‘… all fire dampers to be tested by a competent person on completion of the installation and at annual intervals. Spring-operated fire dampers should be tested annually, and fire dampers situated in dust-laden and similar atmospheres should be tested much more frequently, at periods suited to the degree of pollution’. Dampers in hospitals or high-risk environments will require more frequent testing.

BDL provide peace of mind with our thorough and vital fire damper testing and maintenance service. Our qualified, skilled, and professional team can ensure that you are 100% compliant and in accordance with essential regulations ensuring the safety of your building and service users. Call us today for a quotation.

Client Feedback

Engie FM

Richie Sealey

BDL Fire Protection have proven to be a pro-active and efficient contractor, procured through projects involving myself.

Services ranging from Reactive and Preventative maintenance, asset verification relating to passive fire protection, all of which continues to be of a high standard from quality assurance to customer focus.

Bolton at Home

John Martindale

BDL conducted initial fire stopping surveys on a dozen of out HMO's that were being used for specialized housing. They subsequently conducted the fire stopping based on this survey.

The end users, the care staff and Bolton at Home were delighted in the timely manner and professionalism in how BDL conducted their works.

I would highly recommend them to any organisation that required fire stopping surveys and or rectification works being conducted.

Novus Property Solutions

Neal Donlan

Carrying out construction works in the Health Care environment is extremely challenging. This means that you have to adapt your working methods/hours etc to suit to reduce the impact upon the primary function of the hospitals.

BDL Fire protection are always happy to do what we need them to, sometimes at extremely short notice to meet the demands of the project. They are extremely professional & reliable and I would certainly recommend the company.